Established in 2013, Plezor is the first retail brand in India to bring together pleasurable and unique sensuous products that make your intimate lives more fun and fulfilling. We offer a premium and specialised product range from India and abroad for enhancing your pleasure, and a pleasant and comfortable experience of shopping on our online store, Plezor.com. Providing world class innovative intimate wellness products that enable intensified lovemaking, and help you grow a closer and stronger bond with your partner for a more satisfying intimate relationship, is our aspiration.


Plezor is the brainchild of a fun and travel loving couple. It was ideated from the challenges they experienced while shopping for intimate wellness products in India: the dearth in easy availability and the discomfort of shopping in back lanes.


Be part of the pleasure revolution in India with world class intimate wellness products, which enhance people’s intimate lives by promoting pleasurable, joyous and healthy intimacy.

Make Love... Not Hate!