5 Best Lubricants for Sensitive Skin and How to Pick the Best One for You

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It’s no secret that lubes elevate intimacy experience in the bedroom. However, if you have sensitive skin, choosing the perfect one can be difficult. We recognize your pain (pun intended!), which is why we’ve done the research for you. Read on to learn about our favorite lubricants for sensitive skin and how to pick the best one for you!

lubricants for sensitive skin

Top Lubricants for Sensitive Skin

When it comes to options for sensitive skin, you need something that doesn’t contain added fragrances, dyes, flavors, glycerin, benzocaine, capsaicin, and parabens. These ingredients can be irritating on the skin of anyone, but they’re worse for those with sensitive skin. Plus, they increase the chances of picking up an infection. This is why you need to be careful when making a choice. If you’re looking for some recommendations, here are our top 5 picks.

1. YES! Organic Water-based Lubricant

This water-based lubricant uses fully organic ingredients, including plant-based natural gums, and aloe vera and flaxseed extracts. Aloe vera provides excellent hydration and care for sensitive skin, while natural gums provide a rich, long-lasting, and cushiony texture.

It is ideal for people with sensitive skin because it contains no additional dyes, tastes, or scents. The product is certified to contain 96 percent organic ingredients, according to the company, and can be used with toys and is also compatible with latex protection.

2. Avoda Natural Intimates

Another great option for sensitive skin is the natural water-based lubricant Avoda Natural Intimates. It is dermatologically tested for safety and doesn’t irritate the skin, especially since it is vegan and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like glycerine, parabens and even sodium benzoate. Instead of chemical preservatives that are usually present in lubes, this product uses a combination of COSMOS-approved and ECOCERT-certified safe preservatives that are imported from Germany to extend the product’s shelf life.

The lavish formula of the Avoda lubricant moisturizes the skin and ensures long-lasting lubrication. It is non-sticky and provides a silky, soft feel. It contains green tea and aloe vera, which boosts hydration and makes the skin supple and soft while easing inflammation and dryness, replenishing the skin, and soothing itching. Green tea also serves as a natural antioxidant that helps keep the skin looking young and prevents irritation.

best lubricant gel in india - avoda intimates

3. Wicked Sensual Care Aqua Sensitive

This water-based lube delivers exactly what it promises: wicked, sensual care. It is silky smooth, lasts for quite a while (which is surprising considering that it’s a water-based lubricant), and isn’t sticky. It is also safe to use with toys and doesn’t contain common irritants like parabens, glycerine, and propylene glycol.

And given its long-lasting ability, you don’t need to reapply it often. It also doesn’t have any obnoxious scent or smell and is great for sensitive skin.

4. Sliquid Naturals H2O

This product is perfect for sensitive skin because it just has 5 ingredients, lowering the likelihood of your skin reacting badly. It also uses plant cellulose instead of glycerin as a thickening agent to appeal to people with sensitive skin.

Its vegan formula lasts a long time and is gentle on the skin. It’s also flavorless, odorless, and colorless because it’s made up of only a few ingredients. It can also be used for both toys and protection.

5. Good Clean Love Restore

Restore from Good Clean Love is a hydrating gel that eases odor, dryness, irritation, and itching. It is hypoallergenic and includes organic aloe that’s extremely soothing on the skin. It is also pH balanced and has low osmolality. Don’t worry if these terms seem unfamiliar; we’ll get to them in a bit.

Like other options on the list, you can also use this product with protection and toys. And it is free from artificial fragrance, glycerin, petrochemicals, estrogen, and parabens.

How to choose the right option

Given the plethora of options available online, it can be difficult to settle on the right one. When you have sensitive skin, even the smallest amount of the wrong product can be really irritating. To make sure that doesn’t happen, keep in mind the following:


When it comes to the ingredients, there are two things to note.

First, the fewer the ingredients, the better it is for those with sensitive skin. This is because there’s a lower chance of you reacting adversely to a product.

Second, you need to check the chemicals present. If you have sensitive skin, you know that you need to stay away from parabens and glycerin or other sugar derivatives. Instead, look for products with ingredients that are less likely to irritate your skin.


In terms of the formula, you’ll want to double-check the pH and osmolality, which is a measurement of the concentration of components in a non-water-based lubricant. Osmolality and pH aren’t present in either oil-based or silicone-based formulas, but they are important in water-based formulas.

So, when buying a water-based option, go for something whose osmolality and pH match vaginal skin.


The consistency of the formula is really a matter of personal preference, but generally, there are two options. You can either get something with a thicker consistency or a product that matches your body’s natural lubrication. It really is up to you, but we suggest trying out both first before deciding.

Allergens & Additives

Many people overlook this, but it’s crucial, especially if you’re purchasing water-based lubes with synthetic ingredients or ones containing seed or nut oil. These components aren’t hazardous, but some people can have specific allergies to any of them. So, when you buy something, make sure you read the ingredient list to check if there’s anything you’re sensitive to.

Some lubes also come with additional dyes and fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin. While some flavors are safe, others can lead to yeast infections, so you need to be very careful.

Customer reviews

Finally, to really know if a product is good enough and worth buying, look beyond the company’s advertisements. Read reviews from real people, especially those with sensitive skin. You can easily find these online, and they can really help you make the right decision.

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