9 Ways to Use Water Based Lubricants

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Despite popular belief, body lubes are one of the best ways to spice up your time in bed and make it more enjoyable. Premium ones with the right ingredients not only relax and comfort you, they also come in a variety of textures, sensations, and flavors, enabling you to experiment and have loads of intimate fun! Even if you don’t think you need lubes, it’s always a good idea to have some on hand, just in case you experience some dryness. Vaginal dryness is an issue many women experience, which can be due to many issues like sensitive skin, lack of arousal, and hormone changes caused by stress, etc.

Apart from slickness of extra lubrication and intensification of sensations that you feel during intimacy, personal lubricants can make using condoms more comfortable which is important for contraception (avoiding unplanned pregnancies) and protection from STDs (infections). And when it comes to it, one of the best options is water-based lubes. Apart from its ease of use and texture that is nearest our body’s natural lubrication, what makes it excellent is its versatility – you can use it in several ways.

water based lubricants

Don’t believe us?- Here are 9 ways to use Water Based Lubricants.

1. With menstrual cups

Let’s get an unconventional use out of the way first. This might sound strange and weird, but you really can use water-based lubricants to make it easier to insert a menstrual cup. You cannot expect to have natural lubrication at wish in just a few seconds to insert a cup. So, it can much easier and comfortable if you just squirt a bit of lube on the cup’s rim before inserting it.

2. Intercourse

This is, of course, the most popular rationale for using lubricants. Friction might become uncomfortable or too much to manage at times, and water-based lubes can help with that. Aside from your private parts, you can also use it to make using latex condoms more comfortable by applying it to the protection.

3. For Massages

Yes, you can also use a water-based lube to give a surprise intimate massage your partner as an alternative to using regular massage oils which can get messy in bed. Of course, such a sensuous massage can easily lead to something more exciting and steamier (wink)! So, a water-based option is ideal for such a 2-in1 use scenario. Plus, it won’t stain your sheets.

4. For Stimulation

Another way to use water-based lubricants is to stimulate your partner’s or even your own erogenous zones which are apart from intimate parts. These include those parts of the body that are highly sensitive to stimulation and can help with sexual arousal, like the chest, thighs, ears, neck, and feet.

5. Inside Protection

Now this is probably a new one for most. You might be in the habit of using lube on top of the condom, but you can even add a little bit inside if it feels too dry. This way, both you and your partner will get to experience the magic of enhanced lubrication. Remember, you should only use water-based lubricants with latex condoms since oil-based options can break them.

6. With Sex Toys

We’re sure you know this one; it’s fairly common. You need that extra smoothness to have fun with your toys. Again, remember to use water-based lubes only because oil-based lubes can stain your sheets and are difficult to clean, while silicone-based lubes can damage toys which are commonly silicone-finished.

7. For Foreplay

A lot of people like to have their bit of fun during foreplay but it is not a good idea to go licking and slurping with cheaper lubricants that are mostly made of chemicals. In such scenarios, a premium and natural water-based lubricant can be perfect. Apply it to the intimate parts, and it will help you kick off your excitement and enjoy yourself more and more!

8. For self-stimulation (solo-play)

Water-based lubricant can help you moisten and relax intimate skin, and lessen hand drag against sensitive areas, allowing you to slide your fingers around gently and smoothly. While most people use body lotions for this, you should avoid them because they are not designed to be used in intimate areas and may contain harmful chemicals. Instead use  good quality body lubricants.

9.  With a vibrator

Whether alone or with a partner, a personal vibrator can really take lovemaking up a notch. And when cover in slick lube, it can take make you experience sensations that you’ve never felt before! The comfort of added lubrication can really heighten the excitement from playful vibrations, so make sure you give this combo a try.

Have fun!

Apart from the above, there are a lot of other ways that you can enjoy water-based lubes; don’t be afraid to experiment. Just make sure that you follow safe practices and, more importantly, relax and enjoy.


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