Wicked Sensual Care Collection is a leading American brand of intimate personal lubricants. Wicked products are created with intimate skin care needs at the forefront, using luxurious exclusive formulae, bursting with natural

They are designed to enhance and enrich intimate wellness. Vegan friendly, PETA certified, paraben free and long la sting. Wicked Sensual Care products have won multiple awards since 2012.

Water Based Lubricants

Explore the wide range of best water based lubricants in India. With multiple flavors, natural, certified organic, vegan, imported and made in India lubricants now exclusively available only at Plezor.com

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Shopping Guide to Buy Water Based Lubricants

Water based lubricants are easy to use, stain-free and makes your intimate experience smooth and fun. Water based gel offers reduced friction and offer natural wetness to body. When you’re shopping for the best buy water based lubes, make sure they’re skin friendly, avoids harmful chemicals and preferably organic or natural.

At Plezor, we have all the varieties of water-based lubes from award-winning international brands like Wicked Sensual Care and Yes Organic. We also proudly offer ‘Made in india’ natural, organic and vegan lubricant brand – Avoda Natural Intimates.


Water Based Lubricants Benefits

  • Based on water, so more natural and smooth feel.

  • Water soluble, so easy to clean and wash.

  • Formulated from the premium pure and natural ingredients.

  • Enhanced with organic extracts: aloe vera, green tea.

  • Lubes help couples who experience discomfort during intimacy.

  • With extra lasting lubrication that is smooth and silky, and non-sticky.

  • Rinses completely with water.

  • Not Sticky

  • No harsh chemicals: parabens and glycerine free. Ideal for women with sensitive skin.

  • Some of the lubricants are Vegan, no animal by-products or testing.

  • Hypoallergenic. Dermatologically tested: non-irritant to skin.

  • Vaginal pH balanced.

  • Easy to use with Condoms.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are water based lubricants?

These personal lubricants are based of water, which gives very known feeling of natural wetness, and offer great slip-n-slide for you intimate pleasures, be it with yourself or with your partner. They’re in water base gel format, and easy to wash/clean.

Why water based lubes?

Well, most importantly they don’t leave behind stain on sheets or toys. Being water based make them easy to wash off and easy to maintain.

Water based lubricants also avoids sticky feeling and has no aftertaste.

What are other types of lubricants?

Other than water based lubes, there are oil based lubricants and silicone based lubricants, which have other advantages but are high maintenance. They’re great in specific cases like using in bath or shower.

What are natural water based lubricants, where can I buy them in India?

Natural lubricants are basically free from any harmful chemical and uses natural extracts from aloe-vera, green tea and more suitable elements. On Plezor, you can buy variety of natural water based, silicone based and oil based lubricants, certified and award winning organic and vegan water based lubricants shipped to you directly from India.

Are these the best lubricants for me/us?

If you have never used any lubricants before, be it as a couple or an individual, water based lubes are best to start with. As mentioned they are easy to use, safe because they are water based and chemical-free, and require no extra cleaning.