The Shower Beer Buddy Can Holder

The Shower Beer Buddy Can Holder is a must-have accessory for people who like to carry their beer into the shower. Designed with a naughty shape, you can now enjoy your shower beer with even more fun!


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The Shower Beer Buddy holds your ice cold brew so you can lather, rinse, and repeat without spilling a drop. The can holder is sexily shaped as a woman’s chest in bikini top that’ll keep you company during your beer shower. It comes with a high strength suction cup that easily attaches to any smooth, flat and clean surface. Flat tiles and glass work really well. Enjoy your shower beer with even more fun!

This accessory’s features are:

  • Beer can holder.
  • For installing in shower or bath.
  • Shaped as a woman’s chest in bikini top.
  • High strength suction cup easily attaches to any smooth flat surface.
  • Keeps your beer can safe while you take a relaxing shower.


• Apply the suction cup to any smooth, flat, and clean surface. Insert your ice cold beer can in the Shower Beer Buddy. Enjoy your beer shower!

• While the chance of slipping in the shower and breaking a hip always exists, the Shower Beer Buddy ensures there no risk of your fine pop of beer going down the drain. It can also be easily and quickly installed on any flat surface in the house or car.

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