YES is a British brand of organic and natural intimate personal lubricants. 

YES lubricants are the award winning and provides scientifically advanced, certified organic personal lubricants and moisturisers for intimate use and promotion of sexual wellness. Based on purity of ingredients which are certified organic by the Soil Association, the YES lubricants range is designed to work in harmony with the body to help enhance pleasure, eradicate discomfort (as a result of vaginal dryness) and support intimate relations.

Pioneering organic ingredients for intimate products, YES range is deceptively discreet in presentation yet is based on complex science, and provides essential lubrication and moisture to meet a variety of usage needs. The products are not synthetic chemicals based. They are formulated from plant extracts and are as nature identical as possible. 

YES Lubricants



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FAQ For YES Lubricants

Can you use YES WB lubricants daily?

YES water-based products are certified organic lubeand are free from any chemical-based ingredients. So you can safely use YES WB lubes daily.

Are Yes Lubricants Safe?

Yes, the YES lubes are certified organic, and chemical-free. So you can use it for sensitive skins, that suffers from chemical based products. YES products uses extracts from natural products like organically grown aloe vera. They are pH balanced and safe to use for most intimate purposes.

Does Yes Lube expire?

Yes Lubricants like any other products have expiry date ranging from one to three years.

Can YES VM used as lubricant?

Certain YES personal lubricants can be used as both vaginal moisturizers and as a intimate lube. But not all products from YES has same feature. So make sure to read product description before you buy them.

What is YES OB Lubricants?

YES OB are the oil-based personal lubricants.

What is YES WB Lubricants?

YES WB are the water-based personal lubricants.

Does YES have anal lubricats?

There is a specially crafted anal named as YES BUT. You can buy this anal lube in India here –