Little Love Treat Scratch Game

Little Love Treats is a scratch game for couples. Scratchers contain different love activities for the playing couple. It is an excellent gift option for newly-weds and honeymooners.


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Little Love Treats is a sexy scratch-off lotto ticket game where every scratcher is a winner that is guaranteed to delight your lover. Under each scratcher is an activity that is a pleasurable treat for your lover. The card says, “Sweetheart: Scratch one heart per week and your treat is my command. I have 7 days to perform each activity. Promise!” What exciting new surprises lay in store for you and your sweetie?

This plaything’s features are:

  • Scratch game for couples.
  • Card has 6 scratchers.
  • Each scratcher has a pleasurable love treat activity for your lover.
  • Excellent gift for newly weds and honeymooners.


• Gift your lover this lotto ticket with love treats and enjoy the pleasure activities as much as your lover will.

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